Jenison Family Dentistry uses state-of-the-art technology – including our intraoral (intra-oral) camera, so YOU can be involved in the process of diagnosing and better understanding the health of your teeth.

See What Your Dentist Sees!

How Does it Work?

Our intraoral camera is a small hand-held device that combines a very bright light with a tiny, high definition camera. The intraoral camera looks a lot like a writing pen, and when moved around inside your mouth, it gives us the ability to see enlarged, detailed images of your teeth, the condition of your gums, and other valuable information about the tissues inside your mouth. There is no pain, discomfort, or side-effects using the intraoral camera.

If you’re interested in seeing the images, an intraoral camera allows you to see exactly what our team sees. It can be fascinating for many of our patients, and it also helps you better understand the recommendations we make regarding your oral health. You’ve heard the old saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

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